Thursday, 28 January 2010

How I feel about sexuality.

Gender preference may not seem like a conscious choice for many people, but I believe that it is more likely than being born with a sexual preference. Gay, Straight or Bi, it's natural for us to find individuals attractive rather than an entire gender as a whole. To say a person is gay seems like a massive generalisation to me, as it implies that the person is attracted to the entire sex they are a part of, which is never the case. I've known gay men who have had attractions to females and gay women who have had attractions to men, whether they have resisted those feelings or indulged them.

When it comes to pro-creation, opposite genders are required to have sex as a matter of our species survival. When it comes to sex for the purpose of pleasure there are no limits, other than the limits we ourselves put upon it. For all we know, gay people are necessary in nature as a way to slow our population growth and are natures way of balancing out the ecosystem. Nobody can deny that there doesn't seem to be an intelligence behind nature, guiding it here and there and our species is getting so large that eventually our ecosystem will not be able to support it.

How many straight men in relationships have had affairs with men and the same with women and other women? It's in the papers and on TV every day and it's accepted as taboo by everyone, without question, thought or research. Why is that? Because denial brings comfort to many and they don't 'want' to know the truth, as they find it threatening.

Our species has bisexual attributes and always has, you only have to research the Romans and Greeks to see that fact. The same with Incest, it's the mistaken assumption of religious people who have always believed they have moral superiority, who have twisted the way people think about the natural practices of our race and have made much of it seem unnatural. This doesn't mean I would feel comfortable doing either, but then I was raised in a society that has been manipulated by the religious to believe it's wrong.

When people try to live their lives as one thing and one thing only, I think they are most likely living in a perpetual state of denial and are never going to be truly happy, as they are closed-minded in that respect. The happiness they feel is artificial and one day that will become clear to them and by then it may simply lead to regret. I think it comes down to the individual and how deep their denial is and how far they're willing to go to resist their true nature.

For the record, I'm not gay and do not consider myself bisexual, but that doesn't mean I am not open to the possibility that some day I may meet someone who changes that. :o)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Our Origin.

Our Origin.

Why do people assume that there MUST have been a 'Start Point' for all life, as we know it? I think that it is only because we 'appear' to start(Birth), exist(Life), then disappear(Death) from existence, that we 'assume' there must have been a 'Start Point'. As if everything in existence has to abide by the same principles. That seems a bit arrogant to me........

I think that it's possible that life could have 'always' existed in one form or another and always will exist. Life without end. It could have been pure random chance that our life happened to start on 'this' Planet, at the time it did. I've always had a feeling in the back of my mind, since I was a child, that our species did not originate on this planet. Please don't misunderstand me, though, I'm not some screwed up Scientologist.

Imagine if our Sun suddenly went Nova and caused a massive explosion that destroyed our World and all the life on it. Our Planet would become tiny fragments heading out into Space. If any life from our world, especially bacteria or something smaller, could be frozen in space on a meteorite/comet heading out into the cosmos, could it not just land on other planets and start evolving again?

There is evidence that the Universe is expanding at the moment, but I don't think that is enough information for us to assume that it was created by a Big Bang. The Universe could have always existed in one form or another, too. The Universe could be beating like a heart, throughout eternity, in a constant cycle of expansion and contraction. It might never have had a 'Start Point' and there may never be an 'End Point', either.

"Nothing changes. It just rearranges."

What do you think?

Life out there...........

I think there has to be life out there somewhere, but I doubt it's the same as us. We exist the way we do, because of our environment and the way we have adapted to it. The chance of life resembling us would need a recreation of the exact conditions we live in and even with the infinite possibility that there may be planets where life can exist, the chances of it being the same as ours is extremely remote.

What do you think?
conditions live infinite possibility planets life exist chances extremely remote

The Origin Of Our Universe

This was an 'idea' that I had one day, so I wrote it down.

The Alpha Consciousness
(In the beginning, the Alpha Consciousness came into existence, without form or purpose)

The First Instincts
(The Alpha Consciousness existed purely on it’s instincts alone)

The First Thought
(Eventually, the Alpha Consciousness began to think)

The First Self Awareness
(The Alpha Consciousness became self aware)

The Loneliness
(The Alpha Consciousness became lonely and wanted something more than to simply just exist)

The First Imagining
(The Alpha Consciousness began to experience imagination)

The Big Bang
(The Alpha Consciousness imagined a universe made of matter and it burst into existence for the very first time and began to expand)

The First Symbiotic Life
(The Alpha Consciousness began to experiment with matter and was able to merge with it and manipulate it)

The First Life
(Whilst merged with matter, the Alpha Consciousness began to divide, through mitosis, grow and evolve into new forms of life. Eventually it became necessary to enable these physical bodies to procreate, as creating life from scratch was a long and arduous process)

The First Co-Existing Life
(Now divided into separate entities, the new entities began to form their own independent consciousnesses and lose their memories of any previous existence)

The Dinosaurs
(The imagination of the separate entities gave them the idea to manipulate their new forms and create various organisms which would eventually evolve into Dinosaurs)

The First Humans
(After existing as various life forms for a period of time, they began to expand their imaginations and realised that they could become much more complex organisms over time)

Present Day
(We have become the dominant species on this planet, using our instincts, ingenuity and ability to adapt and survive)

The Meaning Of Life
(We have begun to question our purpose of existence and search for answers)
The idea of a God floating across a void and bringing the universe into existence may, in fact, be a genetic memory or a conscious memory within each of us that has simply been misunderstood by people with limited understanding of genetic memory/conscious memory and how it works. It could also explain the question of why God doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Is it possible we are all sharing within us a piece of what was once the Alpha Consciousness?

The angels from the bible may also have been misunderstood genetic memories, from a time when birds had made their first appearance in nature. If the consciousness that resided inside of them had moved on to become human, it could have retained the memory of being able to fly. If you had a memory of flying, while you were a human, could your imagination merge the memories of two species to create the idea of angels?

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for a very long period of our history and once they died out, for reasons we do not understand, they were never to be repeated in nature. Instead a completely different species took over as the dominant race. Humans. It’s almost as if whatever was behind their existence wanted to go back to the drawing board and start again. Are we only here because the Dinosaurs are not?

Out of body experiences could also be evidence that we have some form of essence, that is separate to our physical existence, which merely inhabits our bodies and can sometimes travel beyond our physical being. Some people have also been reported to have been in two places at once, without any possible way for this to be the case. Could this be the consciousness travelling beyond the confines of it’s body and somehow being seen by others?

Evidence of our consciousness co-existing with our physical bodies, has been noted more often than not as spirits or ghosts, which may maintain the shape of their last physical container (so to speak), for however long it takes to move into new forms of life or go back to simply existing as pure floating consciousness. Are ghosts just consciousness lingering around while they wait to return to physical existence?

Reincarnation could be a form of genetic memory that is manifesting itself within a persons mind and memories, thus giving the current person the belief that they have been here before. Is it possible that these memories of a previous life come from the genetic memory or the consciousness itself?

What some psychics call the spirit world, may actually be the place where we first existed as pure consciousness. When the physical body is no longer sustainable the consciousness/essence returns to it’s original state. When spirits are said to be communicating from ‘the other side’, is this some form of telepathy carried out by the consciousnesses?

There may be a limit to how much memory is retained when the consciousness is within certain life forms and that could explain why we don’t remember anything other than our current incarnations.

The ability to reproduce is the closest thing we have in our physical existence to immortality. This could be a way of keeping our physical existence around for a long enough time, so that the consciousnesses could experience life in all it’s forms. How long did it take for life as we know it, to evolve in such a way, that it was possible to reproduce?

There is, I believe, evidence that only a certain amount of life can be sustained within this planets ecosystem. This would explain why, as our species gets bigger and bigger, also because of natures delicate equilibrium, other species have to die out in order for ours to grow. Only so much life can exist at any one time.

If I am right, then death does not matter and therefore should not be feared, because there is something beyond this existence.